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OMG is a full service professional manufacturer representative agency with the singular focus to effectively build your business. OMG has long term history with major brands in hardware, housewares, lawn and garden product categories. OMG continually strives to be the category experts and by working with us, you gain immediate comprehension of the marketplace in your product category and efficient product placement. OMG provides both our manufacturers and retailers with best-in-class service for all their needs in the marketplace. With complete understanding of all aspects of the product business cycle from both your perspective as well as the top retailers in your product category. Our support staff further exemplifies our deep knowledge with a solid history in retail buying and marketing and product manufacturing.

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Omega provides rapid response to all our questions.

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Omega Marketing has an outstanding team. You deliver as promised.

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OMG exceeds our expectations.

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We are proud to have a working relationship that spans decades.

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How does this work?

OMG begins with a strategic analysis of each of our clients – understanding the client’s product, opportunities, threats, and competition. When we complete the initial strategic analysis session with our client, we will jointly determine the key retail market penetration tactics. OMG's complete understanding of today's market landscape provides us the retail expertise to build, implement & execute winning market tactics for all of our clients.
OMG representatives engage directly with our retail customers, utilizing a wealth of experience in sales strategies, analysis, planning, and marketing, to develop innovative programs or strategies to achieve both our manufacturer client’s and retail customer short and long term goals. OMG develops a product placement plan with our clients so the product is available at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities.

OMG combine the strength of your brand and product with our expertise in retail to create successful retail market brand alignment & partnerships. OMG will continuously review product strategy, product packaging, deal negotiation, and brand positioning. OMG utilizes strategic, retail focused marketing to enhance all of our clients programs. We can assist yout team in offering a menu of marketing deliverables & services that can be individually executed, strategically paired together or customized to fit respective goals.
With best in class services, we will provide a marketing mix that has been proven to deliver results including Custom Marketing Campaigns, Landing Page/Website Design, Digital/Mobile Advertising Campaigns, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Digital Media Creation, Digital/Mobile/FSI Coupon Programs, Retail Social Media Programs, In-Store Branding, Call Center Communications, In-Store Demos, Promotional Events, Promotional Materials.