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OMG will complete with the client a comprehensive product review; including, market review, financial review, product strategy, product roadmap and release schedules. The market review cover facts on market trends and opportunities, key customer needs, and competitor moves and positions. The financial review covers the profitability points critical to making good product decisions and developing effective strategies. The product strategy considers an alignment of the market dynamics, customer needs, and financial goals. The product roadmap reviews the release plans for the coming quarters. After completing this review, OMG will provide a Product Strategic Marketing Plan to the client.
The retail customer demand for products is constantly changing. OMG forecasting and capacity service plan ensures the retail customer demand is met with sufficient quantities at the right time and quality. Demand forecasting helps companies determine the supply of products and services needed to meet customer demand. OMG continually updates our clients and prepares forecasts for all products. OMG prepares account and product report cards, service level metrics and other analytics that ensure goals and quality standards are met.
Keeping up with retailer demand is challenging and at times, cumbersome. Each retailer has its unique set of requirements for uploading products to their portals available on their sites. OMG has the ability to organize and prepare product content appropriate to each retail partner. OMG maintains all product information including model numbers, UPC, case packs, dimensions to ensure accurate product information. OMG maintains accessible up-to-date product information for each client. OMG management of product information makes for an efficient operation for both the client and the retailer.
OMG can help in managing Client and Retailer Projects and Marketing Programs including retailer's private label program. A retailer’s private label program is held to high quality expectations. OMG is proud of many retailer private label programs including garden hose, rope & cordage, snow shovels, kitchen appliances, and water softener salt.
OMG helps our clients develop a product placement plan by examining where buyers look for a particular product type in a retail store or online. We also examine what competitors do, and how we can you learn from that and/or differentiate. We work with both the client and retailer on product placement combinations of visual merchandising, product display strategy, and store layout. OMG develops a product placement plan with our clients so the product is available at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities.
OMG helps our clients develop a product promotional plan including budgetary constraints, timeline, target customers, communication channel, promotional mix, promotional message, past sales and the desired results. The promotional objectives in the promotional plan are clearly stated, measurable, and appropriate to the phase of market development.
OMG prepares order forms, order samples, shipment schedules and supplies for trade shows. OMG confirm show orders, obtain credit approvals, set up and tear down show booths, and staff every booth with qualified OMG sales representatives. OMG designs trade show marketing campaigns to drive client incremental business including advertising in key pre-show publications to spread the word to all retail buyers.
You call, OMG answers! OMG is here to serve you; and, protect your interest. Give OMG a call during regular business hours and we will always answer with a live associate. OMG is ready to answer questions from buyers, retailers, vendors or consumers. We will also respond to all internet contact form inquiries.