what houseware hardware manufacturer rep

What Omega Marketing Does:

An OMG marketing manufacturer representative is a person who sells products on behalf of our clients. The OMG representative does this by going out to our retail and online customers.

Develop Effective Sales Plan.

The OMG Marketing manufacturer representative duties include developing a clear strategy to sell the products of our clients. The OMG manufacturer representative identifies the geographical scope of the marketing campaign, profile of potential retail and online customers and projected sales volume. This plan includes a budget for executing the marketing plan including brochures and samples.

Give Client Feedback.

OMG marketing manufacturer representative duties also include forwarding feedback from customers to the client. The retail and online customers occasionally have good or bad things to say about the products they have purchased and it is important that these concerns be presented to our clients so that they can be addressed.

Provide Public Relations.

The OMG marketing manufacturer representative solves problems that may arise from time to time in the process of marketing. The OMG marketing manufacturer representative ensures that replacements are sent to the customer for valid issues. The OMG marketing manufacturer representative projects professionalism for OMG and the client he represents while on sales missions.

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