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Omega Marketing Team


Pat began his career in retail, working in the department store trade, and in 1972 became the Housewares Buyer for Chicago based chain, Carson, Pirie, Scott, & Company. Seeing an opportunity in the sales side of retail, Pat leveraged his buying experience, and in 1982 moved into sales as a Manufacturer’s Representative. Pat continued his sales career and found a home with Omega Marketing in 1989. Pat purchased the Omega Marketing agency in 2010 and continues to use his extensive experience in retail buying and sales to effectively manage his vision for the Omega Marketing Team.


Tim has a passion for working and communicating to setup business relationships between Manufacturer’s and Retailer’s, doing so for Omega since 2012. Tim’s strong communication skills were developed from working in the hospitality industry for 10+ years at several different restaurants, as well as a Test Engineer for Elite Electronic Engineering, just shy of a decade. These experiences, along with Tim’s strong work ethic, allow him to effectively communicate, in a clear and concise manner, to all parties involved.


John has worked as a Manufacturing Representative in the Chicago area since 1961. In 1976, John formed a new sales agency called Myalls & Associates (M&A) and in early 2017, the M&A team proudly joined and became a part of Omega Marketing. The relationships in which John has created and nurtured along with John’s expertise in the hardware channel has been a valuable addition to the Omega Marketing team.


Janet brings in-depth knowledge and experience of retail accounts, as a Manufacturer’s Representative to the Wisconsin territory, for Omega Marketing, since 2012. Janet’s previous buying experience at Wisconsin-based Retailer’s gives her a unique perspective and understanding in presenting and supporting these Retailer’s needs. Janet’s enthusiasm for the products she sells and people she works with is evident in her efforts with developing programs for these Retailer’s.


Kathy joined Omega Marketing in 1996 and quickly became an effective liaison between Retailer’s, Manufacturer’s, and the Omega Marketing Team. As Omega Marketing’s Office Manager, Kathy prides herself in being punctual by continually keeping everyone focused to ensure all tasks are accomplished in a timely fashion. Prior to working at Omega Marketing, Kathy honed her organizational skills in the Insurance Industry, and utilizes this knowledge with Omega Marketing to this day.


Judy has worked with Omega Marketing for 10 years servicing both the manufacturer and the retailer by phone, fax and email. Judy patiently provides product and service information, and resolves any emerging problems our manufacturer or retailer accounts might face, with accuracy and efficiency. Judy also provides ongoing ecommerce support for the Omega Marketing team.


Joella has worked in the Manufacturer’s Representative field for 31 years, and joined Omega Marketing in January 2017 with the merger of Myalls & Associates and Omega Marketing. Joella’s experience allows her to provide superior customer service along with a comprehensive knowledge of ecommerce platforms. Joella is an expert at navigating these portals and specializes in submitting accurate product data and analyzing sales performance.


Lucie brings over 26 years of sales experience to key retail accounts in Illinois and Wisconsin. Following a brief stint selling bakery products to Chicago-area restaurants, Lucie built her career in sales at Conlon-Meyer & Associates as a Manufacturer’s Representative. From this experience, she started her own company, Kreidler Marketing Group, which joined with Omega Marketing in 2018. Accounts and manufacturers alike praise Lucie’s exuberance for networking, creating and maintaining relationships, and focus to detail, all of which make her a prized addition to the Omega team.


Lisa brings a “go-getter” attitude, with superb communication skills, which were honed through her studies in broadcast journalism, as well as previous job experiences at CBS Channel 2 in Chicago, and in the Chicago hospitality industry over the last 15 years. These experiences give her a unique and fresh outlook to our industry, bringing sales and customer service as a manufactures representative to another level.


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